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From really young age I developed a love for sports, especially fitness.

In 1998 I opened my first own fitness studio in Ecuador together with a good friend of mine. 

After exploring and experiencing the world of fitness for quite a few years, I made my move to Europe, 

where my interest in what is happening internally - like breath, circulation and heart beat- increased more and more.

Basically I dove deeper and deeper into all those functions that the intelligence of our body controls.

This finally brought me to Yoga in 2010.

I successfully completed my first Yoga teacher training in Ingolstadt-Germany in 2014 (200-Hr RYT), 

my second in Quito-Ecuador in 2017 (200-Hr Yoga & Biomechanics)

In 2019 I became Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (Functional Range Condition) as well as

Certified FRA (Functional Range Assessment Specialist) in Liverpool-England.

The same year I completed the seminar in Kinstretch method in Portland-USA,

Certified Animal Flow instructor Frankfurt-Germany,

Certified Kettlebell Coach Nesta (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association)

Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Trainer  Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit (Munich-Germany).

 Since 2014 I have been teaching and continuously learning and expanding my knowledge. 

I don’t teach traditional Yoga, my classes are a fluid combination of functional primal movements, active stretching (Kinstretch method) and breathing techniques.

I am based in Germany but I love travelling and sharing my passion for movement to whoever is open and ready to receive it. 

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