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The personal training will be effective and tailored to your individual preferences, needs and goals.

Always considering any existing of physiological limitations

(Pain, restrictions after injuries, operations, etc.)

This offer is suitable both for beginners who want to learn the correct execution of individual postures-movements under the full attention of the trainer, and for advanced person who want to develop further in their personal practice.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or for an individual offer!


I believe that physical strength is a very important part of a healthy life.

Every person is different, unique and needs vary; But we all need basics like good conscious posture, good eating and resting habits.


As a result of evolution, our bodies are designed to live in nature as our ancestors did.

However, modern life restricts many of the movements that our bodies need to function properly.


Body and mind are in constant symbiosis, the natural, functional movement provides the body with what is necessary for a clear, healthy body and mind.

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